Jönköping has an ideal geographic location for all types of logistics solutions. The airport is only seven minutes from the E4 motorway between Stockholm and Malmö/Copenhagen and only three minutes from R40 to Gothenburg. Since 2006 the airport has developed into one of the most important cargo hubs in Sweden thanks to the unique approach to cargo and the geographical location with excellent connectivity.

Jönköping Airport offers a complete solution for air-cargo. It provides a number of advantages when the whole chain can be controlled, from landside delivery into action, loading and unloading of the cargo. The staff have the knowledge and skills to handle most types of aircraft and aircargo.

Jönköping Airport Cargo is one of the terminals in Sweden which is regulated by Transportstyrelsen. It offers a range of logistics services that are not necessarily used in connection with that particular cargo. As the handling of pallets, handling of special loads including dangerous goods management, consolidation, import- and exportservices and distribution in Sweden and throughout Scandinavia.

The cargo-operations at Jönköping Airport is an important part of the region's efforts to develop the region into a national and international logistic-center. The airport is involved in this work in different contexts and are represented in various regional associations for these purposes.

In January 2010, a new larger cargo terminal include a 600 square meter temperature controlled warehouse capacity and additional storage capacity. In December 2014, after only four years was an expansion with an additional 450 square meters in use.

Jönköping acts as a hub that connects Brussels, Karlsruhe, Oslo, Billund and Helsinki. The international freight has increased steadily and in later 2014 it amounted to 3 451 tons an increase of 250% in four years. During 2017 the freight exceeded to 4 095 tons.

Jönköping Airport Cargo Terminal handles cargo-aircraft up to Boeing 757 and the terminal is open all day (on request).

The following shippingcompany is presently operating from Jönköping Airport Cargo Terminal: TNT, TimeMatters, DanX och Post Nord

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