Jönköping airport is committed to reducing the impact the airport has on the environment. The airports aim is to lead by example when it comes to managing and caring for our local environment.

Länk...pdf-ikonLänk...The airport recognises that the forecast growth of the aviation sector, has the potential to cause significant environmental impacts. As the airports impacts on the local environment cannot increase in line with airport growth, the airport will strive to reduce their scale and nature wherever possible. The Airports Environment Policy describes these in detail and sets out targets to achieve our environmental policies.


The airport´s environmental strategy is to work towards continuous environmental improvement by integrating environmental concerns into all activities. The work is structured with a management system built according to the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard.


Jönköping Airport has an environmentalpolicypdf-ikon and strives to reduce it's environmental impact through continuous improvement and the precention of pollution. 

Jönköping Airport complies with relevant environmental legislation and applicable national and international regulations and requirements.

Environmental Projects  

" Gate Green" is Jönköping Airport's environmental and energy projects to reduce energy and fuel consumption. In this project, we work for the reduction of carbon dioxide and electricity and heat consumption.

Comparing year 2014 to the year 2005 we have:

  • Our own electricity consumption decreased by 20 %
  • Our own heat consumption decreased by 20 %
  • CO2 emissions are reduced by 60

For all our vehicles we use EcoPar Bio 100 is synthetic diesel without fossil origi , which meansthat the airport fr.om 2015 is carbon neutral in our own operations .

We have during 2014 installed LED lighting throughout the airport parkinglot and in the large hangar.

We will now proceed with our energy efficiency and planning during 2015-16 including for solar cells throughout the terminal roof and LED lighting at strategic locations .

Environmental permits

On May 8, 2014 the Land- and Environmentalcourt resolved for a new environmental permit for the airport.