Business and trade

Jönköping is the countytown and administrative centra in the region with several state agencies, Jönköping University, Ryhov Hospital and Elmia. A city that is known for entrepreneurship, networking and collobaration, a rich social - and international contacts .

Jönköping has since ancient times been an important meeting and tradingplace. The town was granted city status in 1284 and gained it's importance as centers. Jönköping is among the ten largest municipalities in the country and increasing annually with 1,500 new residents. Within 40 swedish miles is 80% of Sweden's population and within one day reaching 100 million people in northern Europe.

The planned route of Götaland- and European Line, a European highway that passes through the city likewise Route 40 which connects the east coast west coast combined with our airport, Jönköping Airport in strong development, will make Jönköping to an even more important hub in an expanding Scandinavia in transport, logistics and business.

Company establishment, even with the sign location is still possible both along the E4 and Route 40. There are already several national and international stocks with the Nordic liability which has been given Jönköping great benefits. LogPoint South Sweden was designated in 2014 as Sweden's third best logistics location.

One of the five national biosphere areas with UNESCO certification extends from Visingsö to Tenhult in the south. The area includes both urban and rural areas, creating favorable conditions for the green industry in collaboration with the natural interests. One of the country's most popular tourist destinations Gränna, with about 700,000 visitors each year, is also within the biosphere area.

Jönköping has the big city's offer with the small towns advantages of good living, proximity and social community. The city center is developing with a growing trade mixed with central accommodation. The shopping center, in the old regiment A6 barracks, completes the range of shops in the center. A large amount of medium-sized enterprises to strengthen supply, increasing synergies and reduces vulnerability to economic fluctuations.

Jönköping University is responsible for an innovative environment and cooperation which annually creates 100 new companies in the Science Park.

The world's largest event for the gaming industry, Dreamhack, carried out on two occasions each year at Elmia. An event that gives interest to the development of Gamification and

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