The parking areas at Jönköping Airport is divided into three different areas.


  • Short-term and daily parking (Area 2) - Located opposite the terminal building.
  • Long-term parking (Area 4) - there are plenty of parkinglots for a week or more.
  • Disabled parking (Area 2) - For vehicles with handicap-permits at selected locations within the short term parking. Handicap parking is free during your trip. Press "paper ticket" when arriving to the parkinglot. Then contact Customer Service to get an exit ticket.
  • Lunch Guests to restuarang Air Inn park free for 1 hour at signposted places at Area 3 between the hours of 11.00 - 14.30.

Instruction when parking at the short- and longterm parking:

  • Drive up to the barrier. By the barrier is sensory loops that noticed the vehicle (two options):
    1. Use your debit / credit card as a ticket:
    Insert your credit/debit card, arrival date and time are recorded at the card. When you use your credit/debit card you get no paper ticket . Your credit/debit card is your ticket.
    2. Use a paper ticket: You can also press the round button for a paper ticket.
    When you take the ticket the barriers goes up and then park the car. The P-ticket doesn't need not be visible in the car window.
  • Park the car.
  • When you get home (two options):
    1. Pay at the barrier at the parkinglot. Drive up to the barrier and insert the same credit/debit card that you used when you arrived (or use your paper ticket) and then pay with your credit/debit card.
    2. Pay with your credit card in the payment machine in the arrival hall to the left of the entrance.
    Lost tickets will cost 100 SEK. Contact Customer Service in the terminal.

Short-term and dayparking (Area 2)
Hour 1-420 SEK per hour
Day 1-5120 SEK per day
Day 6-50 SEK per day
1 week700 SEK

Long-term park (Area 4)
Day 1-595 SEK per day
1 week (Day 6-8)520 SEK
Two weeks700 SEK
Three weeks910 SEK
Four weeks1120 SEK

By day means 24 hour-period from ticket outlets.

For more parkeringinformation contact Customer Service:
Telephone: +46 (0)36 - 31 12 02