All taxis to pick-up travelers will participate in the special taxi zone in front of the terminal. Available cars are usually in place in the taxi zone at flight arrivals. Pre-booked taxis meet up in the arrival hall with a sign with the taxicompany and the customer's name on.

The distance to Jönköping city center is 9 km. We urge travelers to check the price with the driver before departure. Most companies apply fixed prices to Jönköping Center. Remember that it is always the customer who chooses which taxi to go with.
All taxi-companies in the taxi zone has an agreement with the Jönköping Airport and has undertaken to comply with the regulations at the airport.
All taxi-companies with contracts are listed on this link.opens in new window

Jönköping Airport charges a fee of taxi companies of 20 SEK for every taxi pick-up from the airport.

More information about Taxis are available in the Transport Agency folder "Taxis".pdf-ikon