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Drone image taken in the south from the runway with sunrise in Lake Vättern and over Jönköping

About us

Jönköping Airport has unique accessibility through its location in southern Sweden. Jönköping Airport AB is a municipal company that operates and develops the airport in Jönköping.

Close to you. And the world.

Jönköping Airport has a unique accessibility through its central location in the middle of southern Sweden. Jönköping Airport AB is a wholly owned company owned by the municipality of Jönköping that operates and develops the airport in Jönköping.

The business consists of three business areas. Regular traffic, charter traffic and freight flights.

The airport also offers charter traffic with TUI, VING, Detur and Nordcotours to the most popular holiday destinations within the Mediterranean during the summer and the Canary Islands during the winter months. In summer there are also incoming charter flights with tourists from most Central European countries.

Freight flights occur at night time all year round. Brussels, Karlsruhe, Oslo, Billund and Helsinki together bind Jönköping as a hub. Operators in this business are Fedex, DanX and Time: matters.

A flexible airport with great potential

Jönköping Airport AB is a flexible airport, with the terms of safe, smooth and personal. We work actively with airlines, tour operators and partners to develop business and traffic with both passenger- and freight traffic. Due to the unique location in southern Sweden and the good catchment area, there is a great potential to develop Jönköping Airport into an important and socio-economically profitable business.


  • Jönköping Airport was opened in 1961 and a new terminal building was commissioned in 1991.
  • The runway is 2.203 meters long and 45 meters wide.
  • Jönköping Airport manages scheduled flights, charter flights, public flights, taxis and operates a neutral safety-approved freight terminal in it's own right.

To have an airport in Jönköping means a lot for the region and stimulates growth, according to a report by the International Business School. Take part of the report here.

With a new environmental permit from 2016, the airport is well equipped to meet the future and meet the region's needs for air transport.

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