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Frequently asked questions.

What does the parking cost?
1 week at long-term parking costs 580 SEK. 2 weeks at long-term parking costs 800 SEK. Read more about parking.

Could you find an ATM-machine at the airport?
No, we dont have an ATM-machine at the moment.

Can I exchange foreign currency at the airport?
No, there's no exchange office at the airport. However, there is exchange offices in central of Jönköping.
Forex Bank at Västra Storgatan 6 in Jönköping offers all travelers from Jönköping Airport a better exchange rate and also no extra fee if you want to change the money back!

How much baggage can you bring on the flight?
It depends on which airline you are travelled with. Contact your airline or tour operator. Price, weight and dimensions of overweight vary between airlines and what class of ticket you have.

Can you buy a stroller-bag at the airport?
Absolutely. We sell plastic stroller-bags for 40 SEK. We also provide Airshells-bags which is a robust case that protects your stroller, umbrella-stroller and carseat. Go to more information and booking of Airshells

How long before the flight departs should I be at the airport to check-in ?
If you are travelling on a charterflight, we open check-in 2 hours before departure and closes 1 hour before departure. Are you travel domestic with Air Leap check-in opens 45 minutes before departure and closes 20 minutes before departure. Make sure that you are at the airport in good time. Read more about the Check-in

Are there any restaurant at the airport and can you buy food and drinks after the securitycontrol?
Yes, there is a restaurant at the airport and they are open at all our charterdepartures as well as most other departures. At all our charterdepartures there is also food and drinks for sale in the gate after the securitycontrol. There is also a coffee- and a watermachine in the gate number 3.

Do you have to use the charterairlines own addresstags?
No, it is not necessary. Eventually, it is good to have an address-label on your bag with your name and phonenumber on. The check-in always put a tag on the bag.