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Ving offers charters to Mallorca and Croatia from Jönköping next year as well

Foto: Christer Engström, Ving

With last summer's unsettled weather fresh in their minds, many citizens of Jönköping are already choosing to sun-proof their holidays with a trip abroad. Recently, Ving released next summer's charter trips from Jönköping Airport to popular Majorca and Croatia, which immediately boosted bookings. In the last two weeks, sales of both winter and summer trips have increased by 50 percent compared to the same period before the pandemic.

The demand for trips from Jönköping Airport is high. Occupancy on flights to Gran Canaria this winter is better than last year and the number of booked travelers has increased by over 100 percent despite increased capacity. Before the autumn holiday week 44, which is one of the most popular travel weeks of the year, roughly 7 out of 10 places are already booked.

-Despite uncertain times, the appetite for travel is great and we can see that not least in the pressure in sales. The winter trips from Jönköping are now going at a blistering pace, especially the first departures that are in connection with the autumn holidays. We can also state that this summer's departures to Mallorca and Croatia, where the latter made a comeback after a few years' hiatus, were very much appreciated. It is therefore great fun that we can offer the destinations next summer as well, says Claes Pellvik, communications manager Ving.

The announcement is also good news for the airport.

  • It's great that Ving continues to invest in both destinations. We know that many people want to sunbathe for a week early and book into their favorite hotel. In addition, we experience a high demand for traveling from Jönköping, so it is very positive that it is already bookable, says Henrik Älverdal, Commercial Manager at Jönköping Airport.
    Ving flies to Mallorca with its own airline Sunclass Airlines, while departures to Gran Canaria and Croatia are flown in collaboration with BRA.

Ving's departures from Jönköping Airport

Winter 2023/24:
Gran Canaria, 25 October – 27 March

Summer 2024:
Mallorca, 30 April – 30 July
Croatia, 9 August – 20 September

For more information, please contact:
Claes Pellvik, Communications manager Ving, Phone: 0709-51 30 32, E-mail:
Henrik Älverdal, Commercial manager Jönköping Airport, Phone: 036-31 12 08, E-mail: