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Sustainable airport

Since 2019, Jönköping Airport has been involved in the EU project "Green Airport", which is a three-year climate project that unites the regional airports in Sweden for sustainable travel.

The vision is a future without emissions and with reduced distances between people. Green Airport works to make Sweden the world's first fossil-free country and is a collaboration through Swedish Regional Airports (SRF). The project is working for a fossil-free domestic aviation in 2030 and a completely fossil-free Swedish aviation 2045. Jönköping Airport participates in activities in both the steering group and the working group.

At the local level, Jönköping Airport is working on an action plan for a reduction in CO2 emissions and electricity and heat consumption.

The airport has actively worked throughout the year to reduce its environmental impact. Over a ten-year period, we have succeeded in:

  • Reduce our own electricity consumption by 45%
  • Reduce our own heat consumption by 25%
  • Reduce our CO2 emissions by 99%

Here are some examples of actions:
Many of our vehicles are electrically powered, the others use EcoPAr Bio 100 which is manufactured from slaughterhouse waste and oilseeds. This contributes to the airport being almost climate neutral in our own operations. Some minor measures remain in the coming years.

Charging posts for electric cars have been in place since 2017 in collaboration with Mer

We have installed LED lighting in the entire airport car park and in the large hangar.

In collaboration with Jönköping Energi, we have installed a 200kW plant with solar cells on the entire terminal roof. It is one of the larger facilities in the county and contributes about 25% of the airport's total electricity consumption.

Watch the film about the solar cell project below: