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Flygplansvinge fotad från flygplansfönstret uppe bland molnen

Aviation and the environment

Flying is a prerequisite for people to meet, for trade and business - it contributes to job and development. Even in the future, therefore, the fast and efficient flights are needed.
But we within the flight see the same challenge as everyone else. Greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced. Today the airplane is flying 2-3% of the world's carbon dioxide emissions. As industry, we both want and can contribute our share to a long-term solution to the global climate challenge. (Swedish Flying Association)

On this link you can watch a movie about the aviation and the climate.

What about electric aircrafts?
Is electric aircraft a utopian future fantasy or science fiction? Are there electric flights today, when will we get electric flights? Which trips would be relevant? And are they the only solution to the aviation industry's challenges? Mari Torstensson, project manager at Green Airport, delivers the answers. (In swedish)