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Bokstäver som bilder ordet Equality som på svenska betyder Jämställdhet

Equality and diversity


In our work to create a gender-equal workplace for both employees and our customers, we have developed an action plan for gender equality work. This plan is a result of Jönköping Municipality's overall Gender Equality Plan
The gender equality plan contains three parts, strategy, business perspective and employer perspective. The action plan that has been developed takes care of all these parts. Each part is in turn divided into smaller focus areas with its own action plan that is timed with a responsible person.

Jönköping Airport AB has a designated Gender Equality and Integration Coordinator who is on the board.

In addition to this action plan for gender equality work, work is also underway for increased integration and diversity. This is in accordance with decisions in the City Council and in the ownership directives for the municipal companies.


Our goals in general when it comes to integration work are:

  • Jönköping Airport AB primarily strives to increase the proportion of employees with a foreign background in 2021.

  • Jönköping Airport AB's ambition is that we will eventually have the same proportion of employees with a foreign background as the municipality's share of residents with a foreign background.

For more information, contact responsible gender equality coordinator Anders Hallin.
Phone: +46 (0)36 - 31 12 18