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Occurrence report

Safety has always top priority over commercial, operational, environmental and social requirements. Safety shall be prioritized throughout the entire airport operations and preventative safety work.

Occurrence reporting must be done to ensure that incidents that happen at the airport are investigated and addressed so that they do not happen again. Proactive reporting of any risks should be done at any time, in order to avoid an incident or accident before it occurs.

The purpose of occurrence reporting is to prevent accidents, not to determine debt or liability issues, therefore all staff, external suppliers and other actors at the airport should report in the airport's occurrence reporting system.
According to EU Regulation 376/2014, the rapporteur is protected from the start of legal proceedings, for example. unintentional violations of the law, because the incident becomes known through a report.

When should a deviation report be written?
• Events that have affected or could have adversely affected safety
• Malfunction of material, technical equipment or property of the airport
• Damage to aircraft, buildings and plant
• Situations where the person(s) has acted as a disturbing / threatening or criminal act
• Presence of wild animals and birds in the airport area
• Accidents at the airport

Make the occurrence report here

How to use:

  • Fill out the form (it can be anonymous if you wish).
  • Press "Send". The case goes to an attorney.
  • The officer investigates underlying causes and ensures that steps are taken to prevent recurrence.
  • As a reporter, if you are not anonymous, you will receive feedback during the processing.
  • If the case is linked to aviation safety or aviation security, the report is also forwarded to the Swedish Transport Agency.

Do you have any further questions about the occurrence report?
Please contact Safety Manager Samuel Åhs Skaar
Phone: +46 (0) 36-31 12 26