Conference and events

Jönköping Airport is an ideal place for a meeting or event. We help you to coordinate meetings, courses, events and conferences.

Conference in an airport

We offer conference- and meetingrooms for 4 up to 60 people. Lunch, customized buffets, snacks, drinks and other arrangements can be coordinated to meet your needs. Our largest meetingroom, has the view over the runway where the meetingparticipants can enjoy the landing and departing aircrafts. All rooms are equipped with whiteboard, flipchart, LCD-projector and wireless internet. We offer free parking to all our conferenceguests.


We love events. Big or small events doesn't matter. We can offer an unique airport-environment that will exceed your expectations. We have arrange racingevents, kick-off with "airport theme" and large meetings in our hangar etc.

Porsche event, April 2018.


Make your vacationtrip to a honeymoon. We help you to arrange your wedding i an unique environment before you taking off. We arrange everything from a simpel wedding to your wedding-dinner. Our Restaurant helps with your wishes.

Welcome with your request!

For information and booking of conferences please contact Customer Service
Telephone: +46 (0)36 - 31 12 00
E-mail: customerservice@jonkopingairport.se

For information and booking of events please contact
Henrik Älverdal
Telephone: +46 (0)36 - 31 12 08
E-mail: henrik.alverdal@jkgairport.se