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Employees show the perfumes in the duty free shop


After the securitycontrol you will find the Duty Free shop. Here you can buy perfumes, cosmetics, alcohol and chocolate.

The Duty Free shop is open on all of our charterdepartures. All that is purchased after the securitycontrol may be taken on board at the aircraft. Even soft drinks, alcohol, perfumes and cosmetics in containers of more than 100ml.

Are you travelling within the EU?

Then you can buy perfume, cosmetics and chocolate. You may not purchase alcohol (spirits, wine, beer) and tobacco duty free when traveling within the EU. If you have a stopover or change of planes in an EU-country, but your final destination is outside the EU, then you can buy alcohol and tobacco duty.

Are you travelling outside the EU?

Then you can buy: alcohol and tobacco, perfume, cosmetics and chocolate.
Alcohol (spirits, wine, beer) and tobacco can be purchased duty free when traveling to 289 countries. This applies, for example, Turkey and Gran Canaria. For more information go to Tullverket website.

Do not forget to check the airline's rules on how many bags you may to take onboard to the aircraft.