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Commercial information

PRICELIST 2021-01-01 - Airport charges

Price list 2021 (valid from 1 jan 2021)

Aircraft using Jönköping Airport (JKG) are subject to airport charges according to this price list and regulations.

The fees listed in this pricelist are in SEK. Value added tax (VAT) shall be paid according to the law of value added tax. All prices are due for immediate payment to Jönköping Airport AB before take off.

Agreement can be made, depending on frequency or large volumes and solvency, concerning invoicing with payment term of 30 days. If no agreement is made, an administration fee will be charged on all invoices.

Late payment will result in interest of overdue payments.


Take Off Fee MTOW Price (ex VAT) Charging Unit
0 - 2000 275 per dep
2001 - 5000 375 per dep
5 001 - 8 000 475 per dep
8 001 - 15 000 725 per dep
15 001 - 45 000 47 per ton
45 001- 50 000 59 per ton
> 50,001 73 per ton

No exceptions for veteran a/c or ultra light aircraft.
Training flights are equal to commercial flights.

Local Annual Landing card Price (ex VAT) Charging Unit
< 1.000 MTOW 2500 per year
>1.000-2.000 3200 per year

The local annual landing card is valid for Swedish and foreign registered aircraft and can’t be applied on commercial flights. Jönköping Airport is not part of Swedavia’s landing card system.

Aircraft Parking Fee Price (ex VAT) Charging Unit
Parking 0-4 hours 0 per hour
Parking 4-24 hours 20 per hour

Minimum fee is 200SEK/24hours.

Fuel Price (ex VAT) Charging Unit
JET A1 Daily rate per litre
AVGAS 100LL Daily rate per litre
Passenger charge Price (ex VAT) Charging Unit
International 80 per dep passenger
National Daily rate per per dep passenger

Applies on all commercial passenger flights >20 seats.

Charges outside of opening hours Price (ex VAT) Charging Unit
Summer 15th April—14th October 2950 per started 30 min
Winter 15th October—14th April 3400 per started 30 min

• Minimum charge of 3 hours for landing and takeoff , if the extra opening hours are not in direct connection to standard opening hours.
• Cancellation of extra opening hours that are not announced to Jönköping Airport at least 24hours before arrival/departure will be charged FULL fee.
• Extra opening hours includes ATS, rescue- and firefighting services and RWY maintenance.


MTOW Passenger & Ramp Handling charges Price (ex VAT) Cargo Handling charges Price (ex VAT) Charging Unit
MTOW 0-6000 1000 2000 per dep.
MTOW 6001-10000 3100 4500 per dep.
MTOW 10001-20000 4980 6500 per dep.
MTOW 20001-50000 10000 12800 per dep.
MTOW 50001-100000 17400 19000 per dep.
MTOW 100001-200000 18500 21100 per dep.
MTOW >200000 31700 36700 per dep.
Additional charges Price (ex VAT) Charging Unit
GPU 650 per started hour
Heater 650 per started hour
Air Starter Unit 2300 per take off
Interiour Cleaning 34 per seat in a/c
Toilet service 1100 per service
Water service 750 per service
Hi-loader 3475 per started hour
Forklift 1600 per started hour
Catering (bellychange) 525 for a/c < 20seats
Catering (bellychange) 1050 for a/c > 20 < 90 seats
Catering (bellychange) 2075 for a/c > 90 seats
De-icing Vehicle 2350 per occasion
De-icing Environmental 10 per litre
De-Icing Fluid Type 1 30 per litre
De-Icing Fluid Type 2 37 per litre
Hot Jug Filling 350 per service
Ballast 135 per 25kg

Standard Opening Hours
The Airport’s operational hours are published in AIP Sweden, AIP SUP and NOTAM. Changes in opening hours are published in NOTAM.

Request must be made to Traffic Service Coordinator.
Email: groundhandling@jonkopingairport.se
Phone: +46 (0)36 - 31 12 11 within office hours (0700-1530 UTC)

For more information regarding Jönköping Airport charges please contact us.
E-mail: info@jonkopingairport.se

Charges for extended opening hours - Commercial flights

Request must be made to Traffic Service Coordinator.
E-mail: groundhandling@jonkopingairport.se
Phone: +46 (0)36 - 31 12 11 within office hours (0700-1530 UTC)